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Why US Policy Change?

Fighting the climate crisis requires systemic change that can only be achieved through government policy. We believe that the most effective giving opportunities are organizations working to enact systemic policy change. The United States, as a leader on the global stage and the world’s second-largest emitter, holds immense power and responsibility to shape the global fight against climate change. The US is also the largest global funder of research and development, so its actions can have global impact.

We focus on organizations that are directly working to change US federal policy, through legislation, executive action, and regulation. We have considered organizations that use “insider” tactics, such as research and policy drafting, as well as “outsider” tactics, such as grassroots activism. Donations to our recommended US policy organizations are tax-deductible in the US.

We currently recommend three policy change organizations: Carbon180, Clean Air Task Force, and Evergreen Collaborative.

Our Approach

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How We Determined Our 2021 Research Priorities

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Giving Green's Approach to Policy Change

Our Recommended Organizations


Evergreen Collaborative: Recommendation

Clean Air Task Force: Recommendation

Clean Air Task Force: Recommendation


Carbon180: Recommendation

Sector Overviews


Activism: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis


Food Sector Emissions

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Activism: Overview


Insider Policy Advocacy: Overview


Cutting Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

State Legislative Advocacy

State Legislative Advocacy

Research on Policy Change Organizations in Activism

Activism: Shallow Dives

Activism: Shallow Dives

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Green New Deal Network: Deep Dive

The Sunrise Movement: Deep Dive

The Sunrise Movement: Deep Dive

Research on Policy Change Organizations in Insider Policy Advocacy

Insider Policy Advocacy: Shallow Dives

Insider Policy Advocacy: Shallow Dives


Rewiring America: Deep Dive


Evergreen Collaborative: Deep Dive


Carbon180: Deep Dive