How It Works

Giving Green's Mission

Our mission is to direct donors and volunteers towards evidence-backed projects that combat the climate crisis.

Knowing we don’t have a minute or a dollar to waste, we provide a guide to help people identify the highest-impact ways that they can fight the climate crisis.



Many nonprofits, corporations, and communities are working to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but only some of the activities are based on the best available scientific evidence. Giving Green identifies effective projects, backed by solid physical and social science.



We know the world is warming, but understanding how we can fight climate change with our own time and money is difficult in the face of an all-encompassing crisis. Giving Green makes effective climate action just a click away.



As the urgency of the climate crisis intensifies, resources need to be focused on the best buys – and donors and volunteers need clear, objective facts about what works and what doesn’t. Giving Green publicly posts all of our research and deliberations.

The Problem


Team Meeting

People and organizations want to combat the climate crisis but they do not know where to start; there is no actionable and evidence-backed guidance for using money and time to fight climate change.

  • Many of the projects that claim to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are deeply flawed or ineffective. We need to focus our resources on what works.

  • There is plenty of information on what policies or interventions could stem global warming, but nobody currently provides data-backed guidance on the most effective steps to take. We need an actionable guide that anyone can understand.

The Solution


We leverage the best available data and evidence to make dynamic recommendations on where people and organizations should invest their time and resources for fighting the climate crisis.

These recommendations are backed by thorough research, all publicly available. We are constantly expanding our recommendations into new categories, as a multi-pronged strategy is necessary to attack the climate crisis. 

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The Plan


Sustainable Energy

Our research currently focuses on two areas in which dollars and volunteer hours can be spent tackling climate change:

  • US Policy Change – A major pathway to reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) is through influencing national and international policies. Although it is impossible to be certain your donations are reducing GHGs, a successful policy change will have a large impact. We help donors and volunteers find the best high-impact bets available.

  • Offsets – Donation opportunities marketed as "offsets" provide a way to fund projects that are removing GHGs immediately with a high degree of certainty. Note that we do not subscribe to the idea that offsets allow people to undo the negative climate effects of their actions. See more about this in the Carbon Offsets section.

We are in the process of developing recommendations in the Australian policy space and in private sector investments.