Climate change mitigation strategies research

About our approach

We start our research for top climate nonprofits by performing a broad sweep of potential climate solutions across geographies, technologies, and sectors. This process allows us to identify solution areas that might be particularly promising, overlooked and/or underfunded.

We then longlist and shortlist organizations that operate in prioritized solution areas. For shortlisted organizations, we conduct deep dives to thoroughly examine each organization by mapping out its theory of change to test whether it’s likely to hold, build cost-effectiveness models, assess room for more funding, consider any co-benefits and adverse effects, and make a final recommendation decision. Our top recommendations can be found here.

The following research reports capture our findings during every stage of this process. We share all research reports publicly to encourage dialogue, and we value your feedback.

Climate change mitigation overview

Our approach


2022 Updates to Approach & Recommendations

Agriculture & land use


Food Sector Emissions

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The Good Food Institute: Recommendation

Image by Steven Kamenar


Beyond Plant-Based Burger Photograph courtesy of Beyond Meat.jpg

The Good Food Institute: Deep Dive

Buildings & energy infrastructure


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Policy: US

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How We Determined Our 2021 Research Priorities


Activism: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

insider policy shallow dives_edited.jpg

Insider Policy Advocacy: Shallow Dives

clean air task force.jpeg

Clean Air Task Force: Deep Dive


Rewiring America: Deep Dive


Evergreen Collaborative: Recommendation

giving green aproach policy change.jpg

Giving Green's Approach to Policy Change

activism shallow dives_edited.jpg

Activism: Shallow Dives

state legislative advocacy.jpg

State Legislative Advocacy


Evergreen Collaborative: Deep Dive

the sunrise movement deep dive.jpg

The Sunrise Movement: Deep Dive

activism overview.jpg

Activism: Overview


Insider Policy Advocacy: Overview


Carbon180: Deep Dive

green new deal network_edited.png

Green New Deal Network: Deep Dive


Clean Air Task Force: Recommendation

Policy: International


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Technology & industry


Cutting Short-Lived Climate Pollutants


Good Energy Collective: Deep Dive

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Industrious Labs: Recommendation


Decarbonizing Heavy Industry

good energy.jpg

Good Energy Collective: Recommendation


Nuclear Power


Industrious Labs: Deep Dive