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Project Innerspace: Recommendation

Project InnerSpace: Recommendation

Last updated in November 2023.

Giving Green classifies Project Innerspace as one of our top recommendations to address climate change.

Conventional geothermal projects are highly limited by location, but Project Innerspace can help fast-track next-generation geothermal technologies capable of unlocking geothermal energy from more places. We think Project Innerspace’s resource mapping and funding efforts can help reduce project risks and attract more traditional investors, fostering innovation and decreasing costs.

Project Innerspace has an ambitious plan for expanding access to geothermal energy, especially in the world’s top population centers in the Global South. We think its theory of change is backed by strong evidence, and we have been impressed by the thought leadership it has built. Project Innerspace reported a funding gap of $18 million for its global geothermal resource and prospecting map and would use additional funds to build this product.

For more information, see our deep dive research report, a summary below, and our broader geothermal deep dive report.

What is Project InnerSpace?

Project InnerSpace is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on expanding geothermal energy globally. It was launched in 2022.

How could Project InnerSpace help address climate change?

Project InnerSpace aims to combat climate change by expanding access to geothermal energy, which can supply carbon-free heat and electricity. We believe geothermal energy is crucial due to its ability to offer reliable, on-demand electricity, addressing the intermittent nature of wind and solar power.

What does Project InnerSpace do?

Project InnerSpace is developing a global geothermal resource and prospecting map, supporting geothermal projects facing funding hurdles, and building momentum for geothermal energy in both the public and private sectors.

What would Project InnerSpace do with your donation?

Donating to Project InnerSpace will help it build its geothermal resource and prospecting map. It aims to increase its map’s resolution, add techno-economic analyses that could help with project siting, and create an enduring structure for updating the map as new data become available.

Why is Giving Green excited about Project InnerSpace?

Project Innerspace supports geothermal energy in a way that emphasizes fast iteration and quickly getting next-generation technologies on a learning curve to drive costs down. We think there is strong evidence to support its theory of change, that Project InnerSpace has positioned itself as a leader in the geothermal sector, and that it has room for more funding.

Donate to Project InnerSpace to advance the next generation of clean energy from the earth, for the earth.

As Giving Green is part of IDInsight Inc., which is itself a charitable, tax-exempt organization, we are only offering an opinion on the charitable activities of Project InnerSpace and not on its impact fund. This is a non-partisan analysis (study or research) and is provided for educational purposes.

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