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Top nonprofits: Australia

How can Australian climate philanthropy drive global impact?

What are the highest-scale ways to address climate change from Australia? And how can Australia play a uniquely important role in addressing climate globally?

Our latest report finds that Australian philanthropists can maximise impact and reduce global emissions by up to 7% by backing initiatives focused on decarbonising heavy industry exports.

Our recommended Australian organisations


Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions develops plans that the government can adapt to advance new clean industries, decarbonise domestic and export emissions, and leverage promising economic opportunities. Beyond Zero Emissions’ policy expertise can contribute to substantive policy changes and industry actions to significantly reduce carbon emissions in Australia and globally.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ ambitious plan for accelerating the development of green industry in Australia would impact Australia’s climate output and reduce hard-to-decarbonise industrial emissions worldwide.


The Superpower Institute

The Superpower Institute aims to help Australia seize the extraordinary economic opportunities of the post-carbon world while allowing Australia to become a major player in climate globally. 

The Superpower Institute has an ambitious plan for accelerating Australia’s development into a major exporter of renewable energy and green industrial products. In addition to mitigating domestic emissions, which make up approximately 1% of global emissions, The Superpower Institute’s approach may also provide Australia with an opportunity to decarbonise up to 7% of global carbon emissions. If successful, this approach would deliver significant economic benefits coupled with having high-scale impact on reducing climate impacts - having significantly higher levels of impact on climate change than could be achieved under any domestic strategy.


The Next Economy

The Next Economy's evidence-based theory of change and history of success are complemented by expansive community engagement work. Their unique insights are rooted in on-the-ground consultations, and provide policymakers with a meaningful lens through which to view climate change and then to act.

The Next Economy works across all economic sectors to accelerate Australia’s transition to a climate-centered, economically sound economy. The Next Economy works with all stakeholders to tackle some of the hardest issues facing the country as Australia moves towards net zero, including the decarbonisation of the land sector and the sustainable and fair development of heavy industries key to Australia’s export future like green manufacturing and critical minerals development. The Next Economy’s ability to leverage what it is learning on the ground to influence new policies sets it apart from many other organisations.

Our research on climate change mitigation opportunities in Australia

About our approach to Australian climate giving

Tackling the climate crisis requires systemic change that can only be achieved through government policy. This is why we believe climate donors can maximise their climate impact by giving to nonprofits working to enact systemic policy change. Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter, so pushing for more ambitious policy is critical for the global fight against climate change.

We focus on organisations that are directly working to advance Australian climate policy, through legislation, executive action, and regulation. We have considered organisations that use “insider” tactics such as research and policy drafting, “outsider” tactics such as grassroots activism, and communication designed to “change the story” around climate change in Australia such that climate policy is not linked to economic sacrifice.

All recommended Australian policy organisations have DGR status.

We are currently looking to expand our work in Australia. If you are interested in supporting or being involved, please get in touch.

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How can Australian climate philanthropy drive global impact?


High-Impact Climate Giving in Australia

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