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We find high-impact climate initiatives. You can turbocharge them.


Our work is funded by generous climate donors like you who believe in high-impact climate giving and evidence-based giving advice.

Your donations to Giving Green help us produce high-impact climate donation recommendations, and introduce them to more high-impact climate donors like you.

Your donations to Giving Green make high-impact climate giving easier, for you and for everyone.

Giving Green is incubated at IDinsight, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US. Please note that donations to Giving Green support our operations. To support the organizations we recommend, please give directly to them via our Recommendations page. We receive no funding from and have no formal relationship with any of the organizations we study or recommend.

Other ways to give:

To give via mail, please use the below address. Please note that all checks should be addressed to IDinsight Inc, with a memo indicating use for Giving Green.
IDinsight, P.O. Box 689, San Francisco, CA 94104-0689


To give via electronic funds transfer, please contact us for transfer details. We especially encourage reaching out for gifts over $1000, so that we can minimize processing fees and maximize the impact of your gift.
To dedicate your gift to a loved one or to start your own fundraiser for Giving Green, please visit this page.

For other ways to give, including via DAF, employee matching, or stock donation, please find instructions via IDinsight.

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