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We find high-impact climate initiatives.
You can turbocharge them.

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GG Fund

Donate to the Giving Green Fund

The Giving Green Fund is a portfolio of our top climate giving recommendations. We update the portfolio dynamically as new evidence emerges, and we recommend strategic grants from the Fund based on the supported organizations’ funding needs and opportunities. We believe donating to the Giving Green Fund is our highest-impact giving option.

All donations to the Giving Green Fund go to our recommended climate nonprofits. Giving Green does not charge any fees.

The Giving Green Fund is managed by Giving What We Can. Donate now or follow the introduction here for options to donate via check, bank transfer or DAF.

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Donate to Givin Green operations

Donate to Giving Green operations

Your donations to Giving Green’s operations help us produce high-impact climate giving recommendations, and introduce them to more high-impact climate donors like you.

We receive no funding from and have no formal relationship with any of the organizations we study or recommend.

Giving Green is incubated at, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US.

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