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Our Research Dashboard

This dashboard explains Giving Green's exploration of various impact strategies to reduce climate change.  It is not a comprehensive list and not a final say on what the "best" impact strategies are. Instead, it is an evolving list that includes early-stage assessments that are tentative and subject to change. Also, we have varying levels of certainty associated with our labels of High, Medium, and Low.


Our product offerings include top recommendations for unrestricted donors, business recommendations (including carbon removal and offset purchases), and investment opportunities. Our impact strategies are outputs from our research process, where we look for rough indications that there may be a fit for Giving Green. Across all product offerings, Giving Green loosely prioritizes impact strategies based on scale, feasibility, and funding need.

Feedback and questions:

If you have feedback or questions, please fill out this form or email us.

View the dashboard:

View the full dashboard as a Google Sheet here, or embedded below. Note that the dashboard may not display properly on mobile devices.

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