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Who We Are
We created Giving Green with the objective of directing dollars and volunteers towards evidence-backed projects that combat the climate crisis.

We are producing an actionable and dynamically updated set of recommendations of organizations that are demonstrably reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs). Our recommendations and research are scientific, transparent, and independent.


Giving Green is an initiative of IDinsight (an international development non-profit that uses data and evidence to combat poverty worldwide). We are a team of economists, data scientists, and climate experts with decades of experience working at the intersection of evidence-based policy and the environment.

IDinsight is a non-profit and the work of Giving Green is exclusively focused on making a difference in the fight against climate change. We receive no funding from and have no formal relationship with any of the organizations we study or recommend. 


Our work is funded by the support of generous donors who believe in our mission. If you are interested in supporting our mission to bring data and evidence to the fight against climate change, please consider donating to Giving Green. We also provide bespoke consulting services to organizations who want to bring more data and evidence to their pro-climate activities. If interested in this, please contact us!

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Dan Stein co-founder at IDinsight

Dr. Dan Stein

Dan Stein is a Giving Green co-founder and director, and the Chief Economist at IDinsight.

Dan is passionate about using evidence-based approaches to fight the climate crisis. Prior to IDinsight, Dan worked as an Economist at the World Bank, where he launched a program of impact evaluations in energy and environment. 

Dan holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Physics and Political Economy from UC Berkeley.

Portrait of Giving Green's manager Emily Thai

Emily Thai

Emily Thai is Giving Green's manager.

Prior to joining Giving Green, Emily worked at the University of Chicago’s Center for RISC, conducting climate research and managing social impact partnerships between academics and social media platforms, and at Rhapsody Venture Partners, investing in sustainable technology. 

Emily holds bachelor’s degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Women’s and Gender Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Portrait of climate scientist Kimberly Huynh

Dr. Kimberly Huynh

Kimberly Huynh is a Climate Scientist for Giving Green.

Prior to joining Giving Green, Kimberly worked as a Content Editor and Summer Research Analyst at GiveWell and conducted environmental fieldwork in Canada, New Zealand, Chile, and the United States.

Her PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley focused on estimating methane emissions from wetlands. She earned both a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering & a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University.

Portrait of Byron Fay

Byron Fay

Byron Fay is the Managing Director of Climate Strategy Advisers, where he leads a team developing Giving Green's recommendations for the Australian policy landscape.

Previously, Byron held positions as a climate finance specialist, an adviser to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Green Climate Fund Taskforce, and a UNFCCC negotiator for the Australian delegation to COP21 Paris.

Byron holds a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Oxford and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the Australian National University.

Portrait of climate change and carbon removal consultant Na'im Merchant

Na'im Merchant

Na'im Merchant is a climate change and carbon removal consultant. He works with think tanks, research organizations, and start-ups to accelerate and improve the deployment of carbon removal solutions. He also writes a newsletter about addressing climate change and the new carbon economy called The Carbon Curve.

Na'im holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard Kennedy School and a Master's Degree in Population and Development from the London School of Economics.

Portrait of Giving Green research consultant Signe Stroming

Signe Stroming

Signe Stroming is a research consultant for Giving Green.

Prior to joining Giving Green, Signe led a collaboration between IDinsight and government stakeholders in India to quantify trends in access to maternal and child health and nutrition services.

Signe hold's a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Technology, and International Affairs from Georgetown University.


Portrait of IDinsight CEO and partner Ruth Levine

Ruth Levine

Ruth Levine is the CEO and Partner of IDinsight. She is a development economist with more than three decades of experience working on the design and implementation of policies and programs related to global health and education, social protection, gender equality, and labor markets.

Portrait of Neil Buddy Shah

Neil Buddy Shah

Neil Buddy Shah is a Giving Green initiative co-founder and the Managing Director at GiveWell. Buddy has a decade-plus track record of taking cutting-edge ideas from academia and industry and applying them to the needs of the social sector.

Portrait of Michelle Levinson

Michelle Levinson

Michelle Levinson is an Associate at The Cadmus Group. She has over a decade of experience working on US climate policy and electricity markets.

Portrait of Jae Pasari

Jae Pasari

Jae Pasari is the Program Manager for Climate Action at Preston-Werner Ventures. He leads research to identify high leverage climate investment opportunities in non-profit, political, and business spheres.

Portrait of ClimateWorks program manager Dan Plechaty

Dan Plechaty

Dan Plechaty is a Program Manager at ClimateWorks. As part of the Global Intelligence team, his work involves data analysis, policy modelling, economic valuation, and data visualization.

Portrait of Indufor senior consultant Daphne Yin

Daphne Yin

Daphne Yin is a Senior Consultant at Indufor. She advises on investments and programs to strengthen the resilience of rural landscapes, combat climate change, and ensure sustainable sourcing of forestry and agricultural products.

Portrait of ESG and impact investing advisor Shu Dar Yao

Shu Dar Yao

Shu Dar Yao is the Founder of Lucid Capitalism, an advisory firm that educates and guides VC and PE funds and their portfolio companies on ESG issues, including climate change and social inequality. Her career has spanned finance and nonprofit ecosystems; she led the Investment Committee at RSF Social Finance and previously has worked at Social Finance, Citigroup's Inclusive Finance, the World Bank Group's IFC, and JPMorgan.


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