Policy Change 

Why policy change?

Fighting the climate crisis requires systemic change that can only be achieved through government policy. Our current focus is on US policy, because the US is a leader on the global stage and is the world’s second-largest emitter.

Our focus areas

Our work in 2020 is focused on US national policy. We did an initial assessment of methods of influence, and decided to concentrate on grass-roots activism and "insider" policy. Direct activism (protests, pressure campaigns, etc) has a long history in the US of driving transformational social change. It ensures that politicians bring important issues to the top of their agenda, and lets them know they will pay politically for ignoring climate issues. Policy advocacy (research, lobbying, etc) is also a well-established way to affect change. But climate policy campaigners are badly outgunned, getting outspent 10:1 by pro-polluting industry efforts. To move legislation forward, we need pro-climate insiders to neutralize the efforts of the oil companies.

How do we assess policy organizations?

We assess organizations by conducting expert interviews, developing detailed theories of change for our studied organizations, and assessing this using theoretical literature as well as measured achievements. It is impossible to assess with certainty the effect of a donation to a policy organization, but our research uses all methods available to identify the "best bets". Please see this page for more information on our approach to assessing and recommending policy organizations.

Why policy change?

Policy Research

Our Recommendations 

Good bet 

Clean Air Task Force is a non-profit environmental organization that catalyzes resilient solutions to climate change, focusing on all possible solutions. They push for a change in technology and policies that are required to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet. 

We support Clean Air Task Force due to their complete focus on climate change mitigation, along with their long track record of successfully advocating for national-level policy change. They take a pragmatic approach in an effort to garner support from politicians across the spectrum. 

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Shows promise

The Sunrise Movement -

Education Fund

The Sunrise Movement Education Fund supports the activities of the Sunrise Movement*, a US climate activism group that seeks to mobilize popular support and political will for more aggressive climate-change policy under the Green New Deal framework – a commitment to significantly decarbonize the American economy through a set of policies that includes renewable-energy public works programs.

Although they have a strong theory of change and some victories, we assign them a "shows promise" label due to the fact that they are still a young organization with limited wins under their belt.

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*As Giving Green is part of IDinsight, which is itself a charitable, tax-exempt organization, we are only offering an opinion on the charitable activities of the Sunrise Movement Education Fund, and not the other organizations under the umbrella of the Sunrise Movement.