Giving Green recommends the most effective nonprofits and businesses fighting the climate crisis. We've done the research so you can donate with confidence. Our current recommendations target two key areas:

Policy Change - We believe that policy advocacy is the most effective way to make a difference in the climate fight. We strongly recommend all donors consider the groups highlighted here. We offer recommendations for policy change efforts in Australia and in the United States.

Carbon Offsets & Removals - These recommendations are best suited for businesses who are pursuing net-zero goals and do not have the leeway to give to policy-related efforts.

(For individuals & foundations)

(For individuals & foundations)

(For businesses’ net zero commitments)

Why US Policy Change?

Fighting the climate crisis requires systemic change that can only be achieved through government policy. We believe that the most effective giving opportunities are organizations working to enact systemic policy change. The United States, as a leader on the global stage and the world’s second-largest emitter, holds immense power and responsibility to shape the global fight against climate change. The US is also the largest global funder of research and development, so its actions can have global impact.

We focus on organizations that are directly working to change US federal policy, through legislation, executive action, and regulation. We have considered organizations that use “insider” tactics, such as research and policy drafting, as well as “outsider” tactics, such as grassroots activism. Donations to our recommended US policy organizations are tax-deductible in the US.

Speaker at a climate event

Evergreen Collaborative

Evergreen Collaborative is a policy advocacy group founded by former staffers of Governor Jay Inslee’s 2020 presidential campaign, which ran on a platform of tackling climate change. By working on policy advocacy and acting as connective tissue between other environmental organizations, Evergreen Collaborative seeks to influence Congress, the Executive Branch, and federal agencies.

Evergreen Collaborative is a nimble organization that is highly adept at timing its policy development and advocacy to the political climate. We support Evergreen Collaborative on the basis of its strategic, innovative, and impactful work; its organizational strengths; its cost-effectiveness; and its room for more funding.

*Evergreen Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States. As Giving Green is part of IDinsight, which is itself a charitable, tax-exempt organization, we are only offering an opinion on the charitable activities of Evergreen Collaborative, and not on Evergreen Action.

Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force is a non-profit environmental organization that catalyzes resilient solutions to climate change, focusing on all possible solutions. They push for a change in technology and policies that are required to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet. 

We support Clean Air Task Force due to their complete focus on climate change mitigation, along with their long track record of successfully advocating for national-level policy change. They take a pragmatic approach in an effort to garner support from politicians across the spectrum. ​

*Clean Air Task Force is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in the United States. CATF has partnered with other organizations to accept tax-deductible donations from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, and non-tax-deductible donations in Sweden. Please see their website, linked below, for detailed information.

Carbon180's depiction of carbon removal solutions


Carbon180 is a policy advocacy organization that focuses on accelerating the development and implementation of carbon removal technologies and practices, which would remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away for hundreds of years. Carbon removal is both an important part of the climate space and is relatively neglected financially, meaning that Carbon180 serves an important role.

Carbon180 uses insider tactics to produce legislation that supports carbon removal, and has shown success in getting legislation passed under both Democratic and Republican administrations. It is a small organization with room to grow and absorb additional funding.

*Carbon180 is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in the United States. Carbon180 has partnered with to accept tax-deductible donations in Germany here.