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New climate fund connects Australian donors with highly effective climate charities

Giving Green is excited to announce a new partnership with Effective Altruism Australia (EAA) on the launch of their new climate fund: the EAA Environment Fund. This fund will make it easier for Australians to make tax-efficient donations to highly impactful climate charities. Effective Altruism Australia is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of evidence and reason to do good. The organization works to identify and support the most effective ways to improve the world, and this new fund marks the expansion of their work to include charities which work to address climate change.

The new climate fund will be open to donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations in Australia, and will support a portfolio of high impact climate charities. By making it easier for Australians to support highly effective climate charities, the fund will help Australians to reduce emissions and accelerate the transition to a cleaner future.

Giving Green has previously released Australia-specific recommendations to advise Australians on how to fight climate change with their donations in an effective, evidence-based way. However, until now Australians have been unable to make tax deductible donations to Giving Green’s top recommended charities, or to international climate charities that are not registered in Australia. This new fund aims to streamline tax-efficient donations and offer donors more freedom to support a wider variety of high impact climate charities.

"We're delighted to partner with Giving Green to launch this new climate fund," said Michael Noetel, director of Effective Altruism Australia. "This fund will make it easier for Australians to support highly effective climate charities and make a real difference in the fight against climate change." All donations to the new EAA environment fund are tax-deductible to Australian donors and go directly to high impact charities.

Note: EAA and EAAE are separate legal entities. Effective Altruism Australia is a registered charity, ABN: 87608863467 Effective Altruism Australia Environment is a registered charity, ABN 57659447417

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