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Australian climate policy research

About our approach to Australian climate giving

Tackling the climate crisis requires systemic change that can only be achieved through government policy. This is why we believe climate donors can maximise their climate impact by giving to nonprofits working to enact systemic policy change. Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter, so pushing for more ambitious policy is critical for the global fight against climate change.

We focus on organisations that are directly working to advance Australian climate policy, through legislation, executive action, and regulation. We have considered organisations that use “insider” tactics such as research and policy drafting, “outsider” tactics such as grassroots activism, and communication designed to “change the story” around climate change in Australia such that climate policy is not linked to economic sacrifice.

All recommended Australian policy organisations have DGR status.

We are currently looking to expand our work in Australia. If you are interested in supporting or being involved, please get in touch.

Climate change mitigation overview: Australia

Our approach


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Research Process and Prioritization

Our recommended organizations


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Farmers for Climate Action: Recommendation


Original Power: Recommendation

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Australian Policy Change: Shallow Dives


Original Power: Deep Dive


Beyond Zero Emissions: Deep Dive


Farmers for Climate Action: Deep Dive

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