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Beyond Net Zero: New models for effective corporate climate action

Watch the webinar, featuring speakers from Google, Microsoft, Stripe, and Mapbox!

For many companies, net zero is impossible—for now.

Pressure is mounting for companies to develop and implement meaningful climate strategies. However, conventional approaches to carbon neutrality have limitations: direct emissions reductions remain out of grasp for most businesses, and the efficacy of many carbon offset projects is highly uncertain.

Instead of offsetting the past, some visionary companies are decarbonizing the future. This webinar showcases a group of businesses that are thinking beyond their own carbon footprints to maximize systems-wide climate impact. From advocating for more stringent climate policy to supporting climate tech innovation to improving conventional offsetting, the case studies will provide new models for effective corporate climate action for companies of all sizes.

The webinar builds on climate evaluator Giving Green’s latest white paper on effective corporate climate action, which recommends four evidence-based, actionable climate strategies that businesses can take to go beyond immediate neutrality and maximize climate impact. Access the white paper here.


Annie Guo, carbon removal program manager at Microsoft

Dr. Zeke Hausfather, climate research lead at Stripe

Marena Smith, social impact manager at Mapbox

Devon Swezey, global energy markets & policy at Google


Dr. Dan Stein, founder, Giving Green


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