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Australian Policy Change: Shallow Dives

This report was last updated in December 2021.

Download the full report:
2021-12 Australian Policy Change Shallow Dives
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There are well over a hundred organisations working to accelerate climate action in Australia. The Climate Action Network Australia alone has 125 member organisations. They range from large international non-government organisations through to small-scale local charities and community groups.

The Giving Green Australia: 2021 Research Process sets out the steps we took to determine which of the organisations working to accelerate climate action in Australia stand to make the greatest impact with a marginal dollar donation.

Based on that initial assessment, we narrowed the list down to 12 organisations that were asked to complete a short survey about themselves focussed on the assessment criteria. Several organisations also participated in hour-long semi-structured interviews on their work. This report includes the ‘shallow dives’ of these 12 organisations.

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