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Climate change is complex. Giving doesn’t have to be.

What can I do about climate change?

Giving Green is a guide for individuals and businesses to make more effective climate giving decisions. We help you find evidence-based, cost-effective, and high-leverage organizations that maximize the impact of your climate donations.

We make high-impact climate giving easier, for everyone.



Us Policy Change

Top climate nonprofits for donors

Deeply researched, carefully vetted climate giving opportunities that you may not have heard of. We find top climate charities that punch above their weight, so you can maximize the impact of your climate donations.

Carbon Offsets

Effective climate strategies for businesses

A greenwashed corporate climate pledge is bad for business and the planet. We help you craft an effective and actionable corporate climate strategy, so you and your business can focus on decarbonizing the future, not just offsetting the past.

Giving Green's Mission
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Giving Green's Mission 3

How it works

What can I do about climate change?
We had the same question. So we created Giving Green.

There is an exciting plethora of climate initiatives that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but only some are based on the best available evidence. Supporting these highly effective initiatives is one of the most impactful climate actions individuals and businesses can take. And we created Giving Green to help you find the organizations behind them

We are a team of climate scientists, economists and impact evaluation experts with decades of experience working at the intersection of evidence-based policy and the environment. We spend thousands of hours reviewing the studies, crunching the numbers and interviewing the experts, so you don’t have to.

We publish all of our research and deliberations, so you can be confident that our recommendations are scientific, transparent and actionable.



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"So, give your most committed friends and family a donation in their name to an organization fighting for those systemic changes… if you aren’t sure which, consult the guides produced by the non-profit initiative Giving Green."

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"I think it's right to be skeptical about whether these actions are doing much good,” says Dan Stein… “The carbon offset market is rife with over-promises, and in general it's pretty safe to assume that most carbon offsets are not actually causing emissions to decrease."

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