How can I fight climate change?

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Giving Green is an evidence-based guide that helps donors and volunteers fight climate change.

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Many nonprofits, corporations, and communities are working to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but only some of these efforts are based on the best available scientific evidence. Giving Green identifies effective projects, backed by solid physical and social science.

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We know the world is warming, but understanding how we can fight climate change with our own time and money is difficult in the face of an all-encompassing crisis. Giving Green makes effective climate action just a click away.

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As the urgency of the climate crisis intensifies, resources need to be focused on the most effective solutions – and donors and volunteers need clear, objective facts about what works and what doesn’t. Giving Green publicly posts all of our research and encourages dialogue about what works.

Giving Green's Mission
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Giving Green's Mission 3

Giving Green's Mission
We help donors & volunteers fight climate change.

Giving Green's mission is to direct donors and volunteers towards evidence-backed projects that combat the climate crisis.


Knowing we don’t have a minute or a dollar to waste, we provide a guide to help people identify the highest-impact ways that they can fight the climate crisis.


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Where to Donate

Climate change is complex. Giving doesn't need to be. Giving Green has poured hundreds of hours into these expert-researched reports so you don't have to. Every dollar matters, which is why we want you to feel confident knowing that if you give according to our recommendations, your climate donations will have real impact.

Us Policy Change

Policy Change (Recommended)

Initiatives to influence policy are bigger, riskier bets with the hope of changing the long-term arc of climate change. We believe policy change offers the best impact per dollar. Our work currently covers national policy in two countries:

Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offsets & Removals

While offsets and removals are not the highest-impact option, the best offsets and removals will still cause verifiable reductions in greenhouse gases. We recommend these only for businesses with net-zero goals.

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AU Policy Change

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Eco Friendly Buildings


Giving Green’s other work focuses on recommendations of where individuals can donate to effect positive change in the climate crisis.

"So, give your most committed friends and family a donation in their name to an organization fighting for those systemic changes… if you aren’t sure which, consult the guides produced by the non-profit initiative Giving Green."

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"I think it's right to be skeptical about whether these actions are doing much good,” says Dan Stein… “The carbon offset market is rife with over-promises, and in general it's pretty safe to assume that most carbon offsets are not actually causing emissions to decrease."

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