How can I fight 

 climate change? 

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Giving Green is an evidence-based guide to help donors and volunteers fight climate change.

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 Where To Donate 

Our current recommendations target two key areas: US Policy Change, which aims to change US policy to drive considerable reductions in emissions and Carbon Offsets, which seek to cause immediate, verifiable decreases of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere. We believe that policy change offers the best impact per dollar and recommend that donors start there. 


Our recommendations range from purchasing specific carbon offsets to lobbying national policy.


Initiatives to influence national policy seek to make bigger, riskier bets with the hope of changing the long-term arc of climate change.


Carbon offsets fund projects that are supposed to immediately reduce GHGs. Many carbon offsets make big claims - we find those that follow through.

It can be genuinely hard to figure out how to direct your money wisely if you want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There's a glut of environmental organizations out there and a lack of rigorous research on their impacts and cost-effectiveness, though that'll hopefully change soon with the arrival of brand-new evaluators like Giving Green.